FORZA Two-platen Injection Molding Machine
FORZA adopts inline single-cylinder injection system with fast response and high accuracy. FORZA has compact design and small footprint that suitable for various applications; automotive; electrical appliance; logistic and hygienic storage. FORZA models with clamp force range from 450T to 7000T.
POTENZA Servo-hydraulic Injection Molding Machine
POTENZA is the most popular model and well-proven with our continuous improvement on both production and design. POTENZA is in good performance and high-precision that can be for various moulding. High performance ratio for the customer. POTENZA models range from 80T to 1000T.
VARIA Multi-component Injection Molding Machine
VARIA winding modular design, stable turntable clamping and supporting mechanism, precise positioning, both parallel and L-shaped layout injection units can be configured. VARIA is particular suitable for products with multiple colors and materials. VARIA applies in automotive lights, household appliances and stationery.
ELETTRICA All-electric Injection Molding Machine
The all-electric series ELETTRICA utilizes the latest servo-drive technology, with high-precision, low energy requirement and maximum reproducibility. ELETTRICA is an open-platform and OPC-UA is ready which is easier to connect to smart factory system. ELETTRICA is suitable for cleaning medical products, food packaging and precision items. ELETTRICA models with clamp force range from 100T to 350T.
LENA Direct Clamp Injection Molding Machine
LENA combines state-of-the-art direct mold clamp technology and single inline injection system, fast injection response, high repeatability and strong output power. LENA is widely accepted in medical products, electronic appliance and food packaging. LENA models with clamp force range from 50T to 400T.