Electrical appliance
Today, household appliances have been integrated into people's daily life. With the help of national energy-saving and environmental protection policies, healthy and energy-saving household appliances are increasingly favored by consumers. Chinese household appliance consumer market is entering a golden period and transformation at the same time. household appliance companies are making efforts in the direction of "low carbon, energy saving, and health". Chinese household appliance industry will be in a stage of rapid growth with huge market potential.
Prodcut Name Product Series
Two-Platen FORZA Two-Platen Series View
Toggle type POTENZA Servo Toggle Series View
Multi component VARIA Multi Components Series View
All-electric ELETTRICA All-Electric Series View
Solution Advantages
  • 01
    Combined with high-quality equipment and peripherals such as molds, materials, automation, etc., which can achieve smart production management.
  • 02
    Adopts closed-loop control to realize the perfect adjustment of the injection molding process and ensure the accuracy of product size and weight.
  • 03
    Control of speed, temperature, status and other conditions can be ensured to maintain the high repeatability requirements of plastic products.
  • 04
    High-rigidity clamping mechanism can effectively reduce the clamping force and flexibly connected with servo motor to meet the injection characteristics of different materials.
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