The sea is wide with fish jumping, the mountains are high and man-made peaks
We will provide a stage with no ceiling, unlimited thinking, and unlimited opportunities!

LKIMM believes that everyone has their own unique talents. Therefore, we are committed to create a stage without a ceiling, so that every employee can shine to the fullest.

Joining LKIMM, you will work together with thousands of creative people to open up the road of innovation. Join us, you will be able to meet the challenges of knowledge, achieve work-life balance, and obtain diversified career development opportunities.

Join us, you will be able to play your abilities and achieve rapid growth; Join us, you will not only join us, but also bring us wonderful new ideas.

We are proud of the brilliance we have created, and we are even more excited about the journey we are about to embark on. We sincerely invite you, who are open to the world, tough and simpe, insightful, to join LKIMM and create a better future together!