With the increasingly fierce market competition, consumers' requirements for product packaging are also constantly improving. We continue to research and innovate in the field of packaging to help customers significantly reduce costs while improving production efficiency, and effectively promoting the sustainable development of the packaging industry.
Prodcut Name Product Series
Two-Platen FORZA Two-Platen Series View
Multi component VARIA Multi Components Series View
All-electric ELETTRICA All-Electric Series View
Solution Advantages
  • 01
    High-speed, precise and sustainable thin-wall injection molding
  • 02
    Upgrading on the clamp, metering, and control element, fast response, high performance, high productivity and efficiency.
  • 03
    Injection-compression function, temperature control and holding pressure control, all for low dimensions deviation demand.
  • 04
    Total solutions for machine, mold and automation production to maximize the outcome of the production
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