LKIMM Plastic Machinery presented its multi-component injection molding technology solution at the 11th CPRJ Automotive Plastics Technology Forum and Exhibition

Release Time:2022-11-17
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Recently, the 11th CPRJ Automotive Plastics Technology Forum and Exhibition was held in Shanghai with the theme of "Dazzling Design, Plastic Health, New Green Fashion".

The forum focused on hot topics such as automotive lightweight and interior and exterior decoration, automotive electronics and intelligent driving, and conducted extensive exchanges and discussions on topics such as new energy vehicle lightweight, battery safety, integration and intelligent interior and exterior decoration, and sustainable development.

From the National Lightweight Material Forming Technology and Equipment Innovation Center, the National New Energy Vehicle (NEVC) Technology Innovation Center, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Tongji University, Beijing Automotive Research Institute, China FAW Research and Development Institute, Beijing Benz, Guangzhou Automobile Group, SAIC Motor.

Mr. Cao Haimeng, product manager of LK Plastic Machinery, delivered a speech on "Application of LK Plastic Machine Multi-Component Molding Technology in Auto Parts Industry".

Mr. Cao Haimeng said that the LK VA series multi-component injection molding machines cover more than 10 types of machine-twisted two-color three-platen machines, hydraulic two-color/three-color/multi-color two-platen machines, and injection machines, which are suitable for automotive two-color/three-platen machines.

VA series multi-component injection molding machine adopts famous brand special screw components to achieve excellent plastination effect and plastination efficiency, with double injection, "three" injection, "four" injection of various injection forms. The injection part adopts modular design, and a mold closing unit can be matched with a variety of injection components. At the same time, it also adopts the injection proportional valve control, with linear guide rail movement, the position is more accurate and more stable. The mode opening and locking adopts linear guide rail movement mode, and the proportional valve is configured to make the position of the mode opening and locking more accurate. The turntable is servo-driven, and the speed is fast and smooth.

With the drive of electrification and intelligence, China's new energy vehicle market continues to grow steadily, and the demand for auto plastic parts such as car lamp shade, center console, interior decoration and front door T-trim continues to expand.

LKIMM Plastic Machinery continues to increase research and development efforts, carry out multi-directional innovation in user experience, equipment performance, production efficiency and other fields, provide FA series two-plate injection molding machine, VA series multi-component injection molding machine and other high efficiency and high quality production units, to meet the personalized and lightweight manufacturing needs of automobile manufacturers and parts suppliers, and build intelligent manufacturing system. Achieve sustainable and high-level development.